Frequently Asked Questions

To get an account on this platform please register by clicking on the signup link or visit directly the SignUp form. Fill in the mandatory fields register. A confirmation email will reach your inbox. Check the SPAM and JUNK folders ( or also Other in case of hotmail ) for the email. In case you still could not receive please do verify that you used the correct email account.

  1. Enable cookies on your browser.
  2. Clear your browser's cache.
  3. Close all browser's tabs related to ESICM Academy.
  4. Open a new tab and access the Login Portal.
  5. Enter your Username and Password to login.
Note: If you still have problems please issue a ticket with subject "Signing in problems".

You cannot login in the ESICM Academy Initiatives using the credentials you have received after registration (the username is the email you have provided).

In case you lost your credentials visit Lost Password page to restore them.

  • Enter your username or your email address and then click Reset Password.
  • You will receive a reset link in your inbox. Please check your Spam folder if there is no reset email in your inbox.
  • Click on the reset link and you will be redirected to the corresponding page to change your password.
  • Note: Do not include special characters. A good password can be created using just letters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, #$%@&*^!

COVID-19 ALIVE programme is accredited. The maximum number of credits that can be achieved is 15 CMEs.

C19_Space Course for Nurses is accredited. The maximum number of credits that can be achieved is 21 CMEs.

C19_Space Course for Doctors is accredited. The maximum number of credits that can be achieved is 23 CMEs.

Visit ESICM Academy Initiatives (, login and then click on My Courses on the left toggling menu (Use the toggling icon-button to toggle the left menu).

Alternative, you can access your Dashboard (via the top right dropdown menu) to view your courses and more.

G refers to Guest.

If you are navigating the ESICM Academy Initiatives platform without logging in, the system automatically assigns you as a Guest. Guests have no privileges to access the courses.

If you want to login using your credentials, please be sure to log out yourself from Guest role first.

Please go through the FAQ and find the appropriate solution to the issue. In case you do want to issue a help ticket please click on the "Help" button located at the lower left corner and submit a ticket. Tickets receive a response withing 72 hours since the issue time.